Thursday, June 2, 2011

egg avocado spinach pita

i am not a girl who buys loaves of bread.

i'm not really a sandwich person, nor enjoy toast that much, therefore i hardly ever walk out of the grocery store with any bread in tow. if it's great harvest bread, well that's another story, but talking about my love of great harvest would probably be a little too much for just one post.

anyway, with that little fact out of the way, i must say that bread in any other form than the sliced version holds a near and dear place in my heart. hence the reason these pitas made it into my cart monday at the grocery store. i mean, at 90 calories a pita can you really pass that up? nope. i didn't even try.

pitas are great because they are so versatile. they can be stuffed full, filled with hot or cold ingredients, toasted and served with hummus, the list goes on and on! i've come to one conclusion about them, and that is that anything tastes good in a pita.

egg avocado spinach pita
serves 1
1 pita pocket
1/2 cup spinach
half an avocado, mashed and salt n peppered
hard boiled egg, diced
pico de gallo
1 tbsp feta cheese

this is really easy, just mix all the ingredients and stuff that pita chock full. eat. savor. enjoy.
make another.

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  1. i also spend time in my kitchen...the next time i'll post you a dish! ;)