Wednesday, May 18, 2011

welcome to my new blog.

well, here we go. i am taking the plunge into food blogging. welcome! sit back! relax!
i really have no idea what i am doing. all i know is this tonight as i was flossing my teeth food setting just came to me.
you see, as of now i am shooting with a panasonic lumix. it's pretty high class i will tell you what.
it's not bad for a point and shoot, and for years i have marvelled at my favorite setting on that bad boy:
food setting.
i really don't think food setting is all that special, it is just basically glorified macro with no flash, but ya know, food setting just sounds cooler than "glorified macro".
or maybe it doesn't. but i digress.
i love food. it is my life blood. i could (and may or may not) sit on food blogs for hours, days, months, etc etc just finding ideas for cooking. it's both a virtue and a vice.
really, i wouldn't have it any other way.
so bear with me on my new journey into the wide world of foodie-dom.
this blog will be on lock for awhile til i get it up and running, but my goal is to have a pretty good blog going by fall.
and to have a brand spankin' new dslr to boot.
join me in this quest. you won't be sorry

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